Different Models and Brands of Mp3 Player 8GB

The invention of the digital audio player, commonly known as mp3 had revolutionized the music world. This very portable, lightweight and affordable music gadget is overflowing the music industry. In many places and instances, you will see people wearing earphones while walking, doing workouts or traveling and these people are surely listening to good music from their mp3 player 8GB. These are no longer the gadgets specific to geeks, nerds and tech-savvy people. It seems to be a must-have for everyone who has ears for music.
The mp3 player 8GB has even been innovated through the past years to include more features. You do not only listen to music, you can also use your mp3 player for watching movies or storing photos, playing games and listening to FM radio. Because of these added features, the mp3 player 8GB had even soared to its peak in the electronic market.
There are different kinds of mp3 players available today and here are 3 of the most demanded brands.

Apple iPod Nano mp3 player 8GB

Apple had always been a leader in the electronic industry – Apple Mac computers, IPod music player, iPad tablet and iPhone mobile phone. The Apple version of mp3 had continued to be innovated and the company’s 4th generation iPod Nano is one of the bestselling mp3 players today. In different colors, this new iPod Nano features a built-in accelerometer. This is a motion sensing device. You do not have to go to the menu to change song; you just have to shake it a little and the songs will come shuffling in the screen.
This iPod model can hold as many as 2,000 songs and this can be turned on continuously for 8 hours. You can have loads of songs and videos which are available at Apple iTunes, the marketplace for Apple products and services. You can purchase, download for free or rent videos, movies or TV episodes. You will enjoy watching through this particular gadget because of the crisp images from the 2″ glass screen. This also features the capability to create a custom playlist for your listening pleasure. More features of this mp3 player 8GB can be discovered if you go online and check the specifications of the gadget.
mp3 player 8gb

Sony Walkman mp3 player 8GB

Samsung is another trusted brand. Its mp3 player 8GB incorporates a large screen display. This is touch screen which makes interface navigation very easy. The high resolution display makes watching movies and viewing HD photos great. The Samsung mp3 player 8GB has exceptional sound quality especially when paired with a high quality headphone.
The installation disk has software that permits podcasting. It is supported by Bluetooth and can be paired with 2 devices simultaneously which make it a great wireless player. So – the overall video and sound quality of the Samsung mp3 player 8GB together with the touch screen make this unit an outstanding must-have gadget.

Creative Zen MX mp3 player 8GB

A third sample of mp3 player 8GB is the Creative Zen MX. This comes with a video player cum SD card slot. As it has 8GB memory, it can also store 2,000 mp3 songs. The LCD color screen measures 2.5 inches and the unit only weighs 66 grams. The memory is expandable via the SD card slot. The Li-ion battery life, fully charged, can run for 30 hours of continuous audio playback or 5 hours video playback. It can make use of a 2.0 USB connection. It also has 32 present FM radio stations.
The fad is for the iPod but music and video lovers who are short of funds to buy the Apple product can also choose other brands which can deliver an almost the same features. Samsung and Creative Zen are only two of the best options aside from iPod.

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How Do You Choose Your Mp3 Player 8GB? – Know Your Options

So – you are joining the many people who are falling for the mp3 player. Well this is the best place for your music collection. This great thing about mp3 player 8GB is its portability especially if you opt for the flash memory mp3 player. Having been decided to own one mp3 player, you go online to search for your chosen kind.
As you begin browsing, you discover that choosing one mp3 player is more complicated than you first imagined it to be. You have too many options – based on the memory, brand, size, features and price. Disregarding the price is disregarding the most popular iPod from Apple. This version is more expensive. Well it should be, considering that its power and the proven dependability of its manufacturer. There are other mp3 kinds aside from the iPod and there are also PDAs that has mp3 built-in feature.
Are you now confused about the kind of mp3 player 8GB to own? Here are 3 suggestions that you might want to consider. They might help!

The different music options in your mp3 player 8GB

Your mp3 player 8GB is primarily designed for music so you want to know how to get the different songs into your player. You can get your music from any of the following:
• The music software that is included in your mp3 player 8GB. This includes iTunes for the Apple iPod. You can buy songs online through the iTunes market place. You can add the purchased song to your player through the software package.
• You can buy songs from independent online stores like Amazon, download the song and add them to your player.
• You can subscribe music. For a low monthly fee, you can download from Rhapsody, Napster and others unlimited music.
• You can rip music from your CD collections.
When choosing your mp3 player 8GB, you have to be sure that your chosen unit supports the above options.
mp3 player 8gb

Photo and video options in your mp3 player 8GB

When you want to take photos, store them or watch movies, you might want to choose the mp3 player 8GB with a wider screen. A small increase in the size of your screen will make viewing better. If you intend to use your mp3 player more for videos, you should choose the hard drive mp3 player. Movie files require more space or memory. But if your purpose is to make it your portable music player, then go for the flash drive player.

More other features of mp3 player 8GB

Another important factor to look into when choosing the mp3player 8GB is its interface. If you are buying your unit from onsite stores, try to navigate the menu if finding your songs or media is facile. Then if you are considering the online shops which offer lower price and discounts, try to read first the reviews about certain models and brands. Check the reviews on how to operate the player.
These are just the three basic considerations – after determining your required storage capacity. Then there are add-on features that you might also want your mp3 player 8GB to be equipped with. You may also want the Wi-Fi sync feature as well as FM radio. Following these guides, you will be en route to finding your best mp3 player 8GB.

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3 Types of Mp3 Player 8GB Memory Capacity

Music is a part of every man’s life. Music relieves tension, eases the nerves, inspires and more. Music players had evolved and from the big phonographs of our grandparents to the cassettes and CD players of our parents, we now have the very small mp3 players. Mp3 players had become as popular and as widely use as the cellular phones mainly because of the convenience that they provide. This gadget compiles a wide array of songs that you can carry in your pocket, in your bag or simply in your hand.
It is indeed a great wonder that in a very small gadget, you can have thousands of songs that can be played incessantly for hours. This is all because of its compressed format. When you desire to buy mp3 player 8GB, you will be choosing from a multitude of different models, brands and types. There are cheaper brands that are made in China and you have the more expensive ones from Apple.
Before making your final decision on the mp3 player, it is very important to discern first how you will use it. There are users who give preference for multi-media players that have big memory such as the mp3 player 8GB. From this specific kind, there are three levels of storage memory capacity to choose from.

Flash memory mp3 player 8GB

One sort of digital storage for mp3 player 8GB is the flash memory. This kind of player is very small and very lightweight. Due to its small size, this is very suitable for outdoor use and is dubbed as a portable mp3 player. It weighs as light as 1 to 2 ounces but still durable and energy efficient. You can use it while in the gym, running, biking or any other activity such that it can outdo the other types of memory. With an 8GB memory, you can store as much as 2,000 songs. However, this number of songs is even less than what can be stored in the hard drive memory. It does not have any moving part.
mp3 player 8gb

Hard drive mp3 player 8GB

A bigger type for mp3 player 8GB is the hard drive. Bigger and heavier, this player with super big memory space can store up to 20,000 songs – ten times more than what can be stored in a flash memory. It has movable parts. Its battery can run for 8 to 20 hours while playing music or 6 hours when used for video playback. As such, this consumes more energy. Aside from music, you can also store in mp3 player 8GB a collection of photo images, videos and other data.
Hard drive mp3 players had also been known as “juke box” mp3 because of its storage capacity. This is best suitable to take for extended trip but it is not a portable kind. This is more expensive than the flash drive and the more features there are in your mp3 player 8GB, the higher is its price.

CD mp3 player 8GB

The third kind of mp3 player 8GB storage memory is the micro hard drive. This is the type that lies in between the hard drive and the flash memory in that it is smaller and lighter than the hard drive but bigger and heavier that the ultra light flash mp3 player. The same is true with its capacity and cost.
When choosing your mp3 player 8GB, you may take into consideration a number of factors such as your intended use and features. But most important and the first thing to check is perhaps the amount of memory because this determines the number of songs and videos that can be stored. Furthermore, the kind of memory can also influence the price and therefore, your budget.

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From CDs to Mp3 Player 8GB – Is This the Evolution in Music Pleasure?

A few decades ago, we were too happy with the compact discs. We place these CDs in the player and listen to the music. If you are then on travel, you have a walkman. Looking back, these gadgets seem to be too huge compared to the modern craze of music source – the mp3 8GB.
Looking around, you will see a lot of people – old and young – wearing earphones. What are these for? This is the trend in music. Connected to these earphones are minute mp3 players kept in the wearer’s pocket or purse. The new mp3 player is now the trend for music lovers. This is very handy and small. What makes it very mobile is the power from its rechargeable battery. Whether you want to listen to classical, rock or jazz music, you can have it in your small mp3 8GB memory. This music player had actually set a new way to travel in style. With its capacity to store thousands of files through its 8GB memory and 2.0 USB interface and earphones, you have the best travel companion.

What mp3 player 8GB actually is

The mp3 player is hardware and software at the same time. As hardware, it is the equipment from which music is played and as software it plays your saved music files. Mp3 stands for MPEG or Moving Picture Expert Group. It is a way of storing music files in the most compressed 12:1 compression.
About the suffix 8GB, what does this denote? This represents the memory of the equipment. A GB or gigabyte has an approximate value of 1 billion bytes. And the mp3 8GB is meant to be a music player whose memory is equal to 8 billion bytes. When asked how many songs can be stored in the mp3 player 8GB, the answer would be it depends on the length of the song and other media that is in the device. However, for most mp3 with a memory of 8GB, the expected number of songs is approximately 2,000.
mp3 player 8gb

How mp3 player 8GB evolved

Tracing how the mp3 came about, this evolved from a simple kind of audio player and it is now a sophisticated multimedia device. This simple player does not only play music, it also plays video files, show pictures and serves as gaming console. With the innovations in technology, an enhanced player has add-on features. These are color display, play movies and record from television. You can even download files. With the advent of wireless technology and touch screen, the later model of mp3 can share things via Wi-Fi with a touch of the finger. The flash-based model of mp3 connects to a USB port to download files so this eliminates the old way of burning the CD.

Comparing mp3 player 8GB with the traditional CD

Compared to the CD (compact disc), the mp3 player has many advantages. The first important advantage rests on the playing time. A CD plays music for 74 minutes while the mp3 player can last up to 12 hours of non-stop music and this can be longer, depending on the memory. However, the drawback is compromised audio quality due to compression of files.
The mp3 8GB is now the ideal music player of people on the go. This can store more files and the very small structure makes it very mobile. And with competition, this has become affordable and there are many models and brands to choose from.

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